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"When you change your relationship with FEAR, you change your life."

~ Coach Tony Blauer

What We Offer

Team Meeting Life-Saving Bystander


One Time Fee

Best Package Offer for Group of up to 10 , 

each additional is $25

1.5 hr Course

Emergency Preparedness for Businesses and Individuals

Learn A B Cs + ACT Acronym

Life-Saving Teachings + Live, Fun Practice for Memory-Imprint

1:1 Personal Protection Training


Per Session - Stackable Learning - Pay as You Book

Best for Private Learning - Awareness, Confidence, 

& Self-Trust Building 

1 - 1.5 hr Sessions

Self Defense for Teens or Adults who prefer a Private Setting

Each session builds on the previous and each is fully Impactful

Safety Detection and Deterrence for Life

Be Your Own Bodyguard


Per Person, minimum group of 10

Best for Mom's Groups,  Sports Teams, Families, 

Work Teams, Teen Groups

Full Day Course

The "I don't want to learn Self Defense" Self Defense Program

Live, in-person, Fun, and Hands-On Training

S.P.E.A.R. Certified Program: Physiology, Physics, and Psychology of Defense

Safer in​ a Day

For any system of self defence to actually work, it needs to be based around the central nervous system. When you flinch your fingers splay and your hands push away the danger. The beauty of the SPEAR System™ is that we harness that energy and then teach participants how to redirect the kinetic energy using this instinctive movement. This makes the SPEAR System™ the easiest self defence protocol to learn because the movement is already hard-wired in you. 

Human physiology is the same whether you're an athlete, a terrorist hunter, a housewife or a child.  But we must understand the problems we face in order to find solutions. A martial artist who spends 20 years honing his art but invests no time studying how bad guys actually attack is neglecting the functional application of their art.

"If you don't know the questions what’s the point to spending 30 years memorizing answers?"

You are a Human Weapon

"Self Defence is not about fighting, it's about survival. If you have not studied criminals, if you don't know how people attack, how can you possibly train to defend yourself?" 

Fundamental to our training model is understanding the 

3 dimensional nature of conflict management. That's physiology, psychology and emotionality. Making the conscious choice to empower and protect yourself and your loved ones is NOT about training how to fight; it's about understanding our fears and anxieties that cause emotional and psychological freezes, which prevent us from taking action. It's giving ourselves permission to do what we must to go home to our families safe. 

The SPEAR System™ combines the old brain’s most important function, to survive, with the new brain’s intelligence, to think and decide. We have reawakened a non-perishable personal defence counter-measure that can make every human being safer, sooner.

~  Coach Tony Blauer

Train With Us!

We de-engineer real scenarios so our training is as realistic as we can make it. 

Size and strength do NOT determine your ability to protect yourself and your loved ones.

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