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Join us for this world-class training day to empower yourself in personal awareness, negotiation skills, emotional intelligence, and safety for a life better lived. 

Invest in personal growth and protecting yourself and

your loved ones.

Reserve your spot now by clicking on the QR code.

*Limited capacity at 20

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" The ability to protect yourself 

or a loved one is the 

single most important skill 

one could ever possess."

~  Coach Tony Blauer



Our mission is simple...we believe every good person has the right to protect themselves, and give themselves the permission to do so. 


Bad things happen without your consent so we work t

re-activate the body's instinctive survival system.   

Far more than a series of drills, Tony Blauer's SPEAR System™ is a complete, scientifically researched, & medically reviewed personal defense system.


We train you physically, psychologically and emotionally to 

Detect, Defuse and Defend against attacks. 

Because the system is 'genetically wired and behaviourally inspired', anybody can learn it and everybody can do it.

Book a course today!

Safer in a day

Explore your hard-wired human survival system and learn how to: 

Detect to Avoid

Defuse to De-escalate

and, if necessary,

Defend yourself

from violent encounters.

Life-Saving Bystander

Your Safety is our #1 Priority.

Equip your team to be courageous bystanders in a medical emergency.

1-1.5 hour addition to any team meeting.

We prepare your team to support co-workers, customers, family and friends In Case of Emergency.

1:1 Personal Protection

Teaching people to connect dissonance, intuition, and decision making. 

This 90-min​ute course helps you gain confidence by improving your self awareness, which allows greater situational awareness in all areas of your life.

Choosing Safety is always the right decision.

One of the most valuable trainings I have ever taken was the Personal Defence Readiness Intro course taught by Jon Pidhirney. Based on Tony Blauer’s SPEAR System, I learned not only how to defend myself in violent encounters, but also how to detect and defuse the situation before it even happens. Never having taken a self-defence course before, I was surprised by my ability to effectively defend myself using such easy and practical techniques! The whole experience was incredibly empowering! I left the training feeling so much more confident in my ability to protect myself in the case of a threatening encounter. I wish for all my friends and family to learn such important information and skills.

Linda Bao  -  Registered Social Worker

Why train with Choose Safety?

We bring Tony Blauer's lifelong passion of helping good people be safer directly to you!


Our system is the world's only behaviorally based self-protection method based entirely on physiology, kinesiology, physics, and psychology. 


All our movements are based on how humans actually move.  We don't teach memorized patterns or complicated techniques.


In the real world, "force must parallel danger", our system is congruent with every 

moral, ethical and legal directive. 


Our methodology is holistic. It's based on emotional awareness & intelligence, modern psychology and practical & functional movement. Students of our courses are taught how to avoid, de-escalate, and if all else fails, how to protect themselves. 


For over two decades the Blauer Tactical company has been a trusted resource for good people who actually fight real bad-guys, police, military and other first responders. If our system works for them, it'll work for you.

*Borrowed with respect from Blauer Tactical Systems

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