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"If you have no awareness, you have no chance. 

You can't create a solution if you don't see the problem."

~ Coach Tony Blauer

Corporate / Team Building

Understanding real violence and conflict management involves a 3 dimensional approach. We integrate psychological, emotional and bio-mechanical components to design and inspire training. Unwittingly, most of us train in a one-dimensional arena, a model which always involves consent, awareness, rules and safety measures. 

However, real fights rarely include these elements! And real predators are experts at minimizing and manipulating these elements and suppressing survival signals. This is the greatest paradox of modern self-defence training and one of the reasons ‘experts’ misunderstand Coach Blauer's research.

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Violence doesn't care what style of martial art you study or what your current beliefs about violence are. If you don't know how bad things happen, you can't know what you're defending against. We all have unconscious biases that impact how we think, speak and move. Fear of things we don't understand can immobilize us, so practicing with friends and coworkers can be a wonderful, fun and comfortable way of getting to KNOW fear, so it doesn't have control over us.

KNOW Fear  vs  No Fear

The spear system utilizes instinctive motion to effect a combative change in both participants. Its effectiveness is grounded in basic physiology and as a result, although initially apparently simple it is fundamentally as complex as the system it is designed to protect, humans.

~  Dr. Robert Smith

What if learning to protect yourself was easier than you thought?

Basic movement drills allow students to pressure test themselves and apply the 'principle' of protecting themselves

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